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Dr. Bret Heiser

One Gym understands that achieving any level of fitness requires staying healthy. That is why we are excited to have Competitive Chiropractic & Rehab in-house with our Omaha sports medicine professional. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Heiser to hear about the many ways he can help keep you moving!

Dr. Bret Heiser
Chiropractic Excellence with Dr. Bret Heiser at OneGym Elkhorn

Dr. Bret Heiser is a distinguished chiropractor at OneGym Elkhorn in Omaha, NE, with a notable background from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City. He combines years of experience with a holistic approach to provide tailored chiropractic care, promoting optimal health and wellness for his patients.

Comprehensive Chiropractor Services

Our chiropractic care involves tailored adjustments that improve spinal function and address the root causes of discomfort. Realigning the spine can alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, and enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Chiropractic physiotherapy goes beyond traditional adjustments. We employ various techniques to restore mobility, improve strength, and enhance overall physical function. This can include exercises, stretches, and other modalities that target specific areas of concern, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery and well-being.

Injuries from sports, accidents, or daily activities can hinder your quality of life. Our injury rehabilitation focuses on personalized plans crafted to address your injury’s specific nature and severity. We aim to accelerate recovery, reduce re-injury risk, and help you regain strength and confidence in your body.

Every individual’s body is unique, and so should their workout routine. We offer workout modifications to ensure your exercise regimen meets your physical needs and capabilities. By making necessary adjustments, we can help prevent potential injuries, enhance performance, and provide you with the most out of every workout session.

Dry needling is a specialized therapy that targets muscular tension and knots. We can stimulate the muscles by inserting thin needles into specific trigger points, relieving pain and stiffness. This technique is particularly effective for chronic pain conditions and can be valuable in a comprehensive treatment plan.

From ancient Chinese medicine, cupping therapy involves placing special cups on the skin to create suction. This process helps with pain, inflammation, and blood flow, acting as a deep-tissue massage. It can also promote relaxation, detoxification, and healing in the treated areas.

At One Gym Elkhorn, our commitment is to your overall well-being. Beyond the services listed, we offer a range of comprehensive care options, each designed to ensure you’re at your physical best. From nutritional guidance to advanced therapeutic techniques, we support every facet of your health journey.

On average, patients who undergo chiropractic care report over an 80% improvement in pain and mobility.
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Just 15 minutes of targeted physiotherapy exercises daily can significantly improve joint mobility and muscle strength.
0 Minutes
In a single chiropractic adjustment, over 500 muscle contractions can be triggered, aiding in relaxation and recovery.
250 + Muscle Contractions